Carrom Clash

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Can you defeat your opponents in Carrom Clash to bring all the discs to your area? This online carrom game will become a mind battleground for players.

About Carrom Clash

This Carrom version is an online game inspired by the Carrom game. Carrom is a popular stage game in India and other countries. The game will revolve around mind battles between players. It is similar to Micro Wars, a thrilling puzzle game on our website.

The Basic Gameplay Of Carrom

The goal of this Carrom Clash game is to get all your discs into the hole before your opponent does. At the beginning, you can play from 2 to 4 players. Each player will control his or her discs on the table.

The Carrom Clash table has 4 holes in the middle at the corners. The main goal is to push your discs into these holes.

To move the disc, you will use the mouse to drag and hold the disc, then determine the direction and force needed. Drag your mouse back to adjust the force and release your finger to eject the disc.

In Carrom Clash, every time you push a disc into the hole, you get points. The first player to get all the discs into the center hole wins.