Micro Wars

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Micro Wars is a duel action game between a blue team and a red team. Bring your micro army to occupy weaker territories and win over your opponents.

About Micro Wars

Welcome to this tactical action game in which you will control an army of soldiers and participate in intense battles!

Start Micro Wars

Before the match starts, you will have a certain number of soldiers and resources. Use resources to select your soldiers on the map and choose appropriate opponents. Choosing opponents is extremely important in Micro Wars because you can only destroy weaker opponents.

Fight With Micro Army

When the match starts, your soldiers and opponents will automatically attack each other. Instead of directly controlling soldiers, you need to choose the appropriate number of soldiers and opponents to win. In particular, you can choose 2 or more of your armies to attack the same enemy. Taking advantage of this strategy will bring you many victories in Micro Wars.

Levels To Battle

After winning a level of Micro Wars, you can receive rewards and advance to new levels. Progressing will unlock new features, stronger soldiers, and more difficult battles.

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