Happy Snakes

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Happy Snakes is a multi-player game with ever-smiling snakes. Players will still control snakes, collect food, and compete for survival and high rankings.

Ever-Smiling Snake Character

Unlike the Snake Game game, the characters in this Happy Snakes game all have a smiley face.

You can see this feature in the Skin section. If you change any of the snake's skins, you will see a smiling face. With this face, players can feel the happiness from the character. From there, positive energy will be transmitted to Happy Snakes players.

In addition, the number of free skins is extremely large and players can choose any skin. You can see the difference in color and design in each outfit.

Happy Snakes Gameplay

The gameplay of this new Snake version is similar to other online games with two main tasks: survival and competition.

Survival Mission in Closed Arena

The snakes represent one player and appear together in a closed arena. Players need to try to survive in this arena and collect food to become stronger.

Competition In Happy Snakes

The snakes will compete with each other to win high rankings on the leaderboard. There are hundreds of snakes in the arena but only 10 happy snakes can reach the top ranks.