Castle Keeper

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About Castle Keeper

Become a defender of the castle in a 3D shooting game which is Castle Keeper. Protect the castle by controlling your character to eliminate all the enemies.

You will be interested in this game because it is quite easy for you to play. In the game, you need to protect your castle from 10 fierce waves of enemies. Take control of your character to shoot enemies. You need to drag him to turn left or turn right to shoot bows and arrows. Use the mouse, the WASD keys, or the ARROW keys to move. The bow and arrow will move following your character. Try to knock out all of the enemies before they climb on your castle. If they can climb on the castle, you will be attacked. Your character can shoot even when they stand in one place. You can see the progress bar and energy bar in the head of the characters. If you run out of this bar, you will lose. If your enemies run out of the energy bar, they will be eliminated. Try to finish each level to move to the next level. After finishing a level, you can receive some coins or boost items. Besides, choose the high number on the scale to get many coins. Many interesting and challenging things are waiting for you. Join the game and defeat all the enemies to save your castle successfully. You also can try to play Squad Tower if you want to find another awesome shooting game.

Fun facts about Castle Keeper

All the levels

You will have 15 waves similar to 15 levels. Each level will have distinctive tasks and challenges. The beginning levels are so simple. However, it will be more complicated when you move to the next wave. The enemies will be increased and harder to deal with at high levels. At some level, you will have some supporting items such as ladders, guns, and so on.

Skills in the game

After you finish a level, you will have a chance to unlock new skills such as an attack, damage, health, and so on. Then, you can upgrade your archers to defeat your enemies easily. With a heart, you can quickly recover your energies.