Fruit Master

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Fruit Master is an online ninja game where you throw knives to cut all the fruits. In particular, the fruits will move continuously to challenge the players.

Knife-Throwing Rules

Welcome to this online Fruit Master game! In this game, you can throw knives at targets. This gameplay is inspired by basic ninja skills in Fruit Ninja.

When you throw knives, you need to know the following rules.

  • The knives need to hit the fruits.
  • If you fail to cut any fruit, the online game will end.
  • After cutting all the fruits, you can proceed to the next level of Fruit Master.

These rules are maintained at any level of this online game. If you can aim and throw the knives accurately, victory will be firmly in your hands.

Features Of Fruit Master

In this new game, you can enjoy two new features: unlock new skins and create fruit juice.

New Skins Of Fruit Master

Players can unlock new knives to increase achievements. The knives are locked with coins. You need to use coins to unlock knives. Expensive knives are faster and more accurate.

Fruit Juice For Coins

In Fruit Master, when you cut fruits successfully, you can get juice from these fruits. When the cup of fruit juice is full, you will receive a large number of coins. This coin can be used for many different purposes depending on your intentions.