Fruit Ninja

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Play Fruit Ninja to show how many fruits you can slice in a match! The endless fruits of the game can meet all your needs for a classic game mode.

Fruit Ninja Information

Coming to this online game, players are often interested in gameplay and points for fruit cutting. Let's learn about these two important items of Fruit Ninja!

Fruit Slashing Gameplay

This Fruit Ninja game focuses mainly on fruit-slashing gameplay. The fruits will be thrown from the bottom and your task is to cut all the fruits.

To slash the fruits, you just need to use your mouse and slide in the desired directions. This control method is also common in Slash FRVR. The fruits will be easily removed. Each slash will cause the fruits to split into two whether they are apples, watermelons, pears, or coconuts. Every fruit has a unique result when it hits your slashes.

Score Of Fruit Ninja

The score of the game corresponds to the number of fruits you cut. The more fruits you slash, the higher your score in Fruit Ninja. In addition, if you slash multiple fruits at the same time, your points will be added according to the number of combos.

When Fruits End

There are two rules by which this Fruit Ninja game will stop fruit throwing. First, players need to comply with the 3-fruit rule: you are not allowed to drop more than 3 fruits.

The second principle is to avoid bombs. A bomb will cause this Fruit Ninja game to end immediately.