Slash FRVR

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Welcome to Slash FRVR where you can slash all kinds of different balls! Don't forget to avoid the bombs that are mixed in between the balls! This new game has the same gameplay as Star Fighter Fruits, but the two games have different objects. Star Fighter Fruits focuses on fruits while this Slash FRVR game is about balls.

Slash FRVR Gameplay

The gameplay of this slashing game is familiar. Hold your mouse and move to create effective slashes! An effective slash is when you slash at the balls. With successful slashes, you will receive points to create personal achievements. Slash FRVR matches are endless, so you can get a lot of high scores based on your slashing skills.

However, while playing, you need to pay attention to some rules to avoid losing to Slash FRVR.

Some Slashing Rules

This Slash FRVR game also requires some rules that players must comply with.

Avoid The Bombs

The bombs are round and they have a similar shape to balls. With this shape, players can easily confuse and slash at bombs. This is dangerous because the game will end with this slash. Avoiding bombs is a top priority for players to get high scores.

Avoid Missing Slash FRVR

The balls will be thrown consecutively. Players not only slash them but also avoid missing them. You have 3 chances to miss the balls. After these 3 chances, this Slash FRVR game will end.

You can also collect additional hearts to increase your revival times.