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Play Gobble to swallow all the objects on the map into your giant mouth. The only problem is finding a way to fit the size of all the objects with your mouth.

Have you ever thought you would become a giant mouth? This new online game is a great opportunity for you to become this special character.

Gobble Character And Space

In this new game, you will become a big mouth with super-eating ability. You can eat any object without any size limit. With this ability, food enthusiasts will be extremely excited to experience the endless levels of this online game. To enjoy more eating experiences, you also can join Mad Shark to become a shark and enjoy delicious seafood.

In addition, this Gobble game also stands out with its vast desert space. Light brown will highlight each object as well as your mouth character.

How To Play Gobble

This Gobble gameplay allows you to move freely and eat objects. However, there is one unique element that is strictly forbidden to eat in this arcade game.

Move Your Mouth Freely

With your mouse, you can move your character freely. You need to move to determine the most appropriate direction to approach objects. In particular, with large-sized objects, you need to find the side to eat them most easily.

Prohibited Food In Gobble

Your mouth can eat most of the objects in this multilevel game. However, humans are strictly prohibited. You cannot eat or harm humans. Otherwise, this Gobble level will be restarted.