Gorilla Tag

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Gorilla Tag is a moving race of orangutans. Your mission is to control your orangutan character in a multiplayer environment and reach the destination.

About Moving Game

There are many moving games in the vast gaming world. A typical example is Mush Dash where you control a beautiful girl to conquer countless challenges. Your character can move at fast speeds and perform powerful blows to destroy enemies.

In addition, players can also experience Endless Truck for exciting driving. In this driving game, your mission is to bring your truck to its destination. This mission is similar to GFD, but your character is different. Now, let's learn about today's game.

Details Of Gorilla Tag

When you join this online game, your task is to control your character and conquer missions.

Controls Your Orangutan

To move around in Gorilla Tag, you just need to use your mouse to control the orangutan's hands. Based on the strength of your hands, you can move forward or backward as you wish.

Mission In Gorilla Tag

This moving game requires players to move towards a destination. However, this destination is hidden and players need to find it. There is no limit to finding time, but there are many other players participating in this fight. Therefore, you need to move your orangutan carefully and reach the target as quickly as possible.