Home Pipe Water

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Special information about Home Pipe Water

Crazy with Home Pip Water which is an addictive puzzle game. Rotate the pipes to match them with each other and give water to shower your character.

This game will bring you cool after a stressful time. In the game, you will have many levels to overcome. This game is a series of games that requires you to bring water to the characters. Helping characters in the game can be showered by connecting pipes or drawing the line. Use your mouse and skillful fingers to connect pipes. Pay attention because there is not clear water in pipes all the time. You need to be careful with some dirty water pipes. It can make you retry the game. For some levels, after connecting the pipes, you can get a treasure. After each level, you can receive a number of coins and move to the next level. You also can change your clothes or participate in the lucky draw to earn more money. If you are finding an honor game to play, you can engage in Scary Granny.

Fun facts about Home Pipe Water

The game brings you a lot of new items to decorate the appearance of your character. Each item requires you to spend some coins to take it. Besides, you have the chance to join in the lucky draw. You can take some gifts or trophies when you spin the wheel. In addition, you can get some achievements, or interesting items when you join the daily rewards. However, you need to come back game day by day to take it.