Hot Dog Zombies

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Hot Dog Zombies is an online shooting game with hot dogs bullets. Can you defend against waves of dangerous zombies with this special weapon?

The Hot Dog Bullets

In Hot Dog Zombies, you will use hot dogs as weapons.

How To Use Hot Dogs

It is easy to control Hot Dog Zombies with your mouse. You just need to press and hold your mouse while moving to change the short range and shoot continuously.

You need to move your sights to the location of the zombies and shoot them down with accurate shots.

The number of hot dogs is endless, so you can shoot continuously to destroy enemies. It is not necessary to save hot dogs in this online game.

However, your shooting ability will be limited because of the strength and speed of hot dogs. To increase fighting ability, players should upgrade hot dogs.

Hot Dog Zombies Upgrades

You can upgrade Fire Date, Damage, and Rewards for your hot dogs. Each of these upgrades brings different effects in terms of speed, damage and number of awards. The more you upgrade Hot Dog Zombies, the higher your chances of winning.

However, the price of upgrades will continue to increase. Corresponding to it, the effect of the upgrade is also becoming stronger and stronger.

Enemies In Hot Dog Zombies

Your opponents are dangerous zombies which is also your opponent in Vampire Survivors, but the way to destroy them is different.

The zombies in Hot Dog Zombies have different powers represented by the numbers on their bodies. The higher the number, the greater the zombies' power. As a result, you need to use many hotdogs to shoot down these zombies.