Idle Ants

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Bring every food piece to your cave in Idle Ants to get precious bonus. This process will become faster with upgrades to speed, workers, and strength.

Ants And Upgrades

When participating in this Idle Ants game, players are often interested in ants and upgrades first. This concern is reasonable because these two factors play an important role for each stage. Let's move forward with each factor to see their importance.

About Ant Role

When talking about Idle Ant, it is impossible to ignore the adorable ants. The ants become hard workers to transport food pieces back to their burrows.

In this Idle Ants game, the amount of food is endless. New foods will be added immediately after you finish a food. Therefore, your ants must work continuously to complete each stage. To increase working speed, it is impossible to ignore upgrades.

Speed, Workers, And Strength In Idle Ants

These three upgrades are all important to speed up food transport for the ants. Upgrades require players to use money to activate. In addition, the requested amount will increase with each click.

However, that amount of money is worth to increase the number, movement speed and food amount of each ant. Note that these upgrades will return to the original if you open a new world.

New Idle Ants World

New worlds will be opened after your ants complete their quota. You can see the Next World bar at the top of the screen.

In the new world, you can access new foods and new spaces.

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