Hungry Shark Arena

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The weak cannot survive in the Hungry Shark Arena game! Become the most powerful shark with your strong hunting abilities and flexible movements!

Online Shark Game

Welcome to the ocean world where sharks can show off their abilities!

If you want to transform into a shark and swim in the vast ocean, you will have many options on our website. First, you can play Mad Shark to hunt and compete with other players. In those battles, players with better strategies will win against other online players.

Another option is Aquapark Shark with unique water slide gameplay. The sharks will participate in journeys of discovery at the water park instead of the endless ocean.

However, in the shark gaming world, Hungry Shark Arena is always a must-tried game.

Play Hungry Shark Arena

This online game offers a fierce battle between 12 players in a limited ocean.

Limited Ocean Arena

The battlefield of the Hungry Shark Arena game is an ocean, but that ocean is not endless. The arena is surrounded by green poison. It is impossible to survive in this poison, so keep your shark as far away as possible.

In the arena, there are also foods to increase the size of your shark. You need to increase your size to increase your strength to attack other sharks.

Attack In Hungry Shark Arena

You can attack other players by clicking your mouse and your shark will dash forward. If you crash into a lower-level shark, you can destroy that shark.

However, you also need to note some regulations of Hungry Shark Arena during the attack. You will faint if you crash into rocks or you will be destroyed if you face higher-level players.