Ludo Hero

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Some common information about Ludo Hero

Try your luck in Ludo Hero which is an online board game. You need to roll the dice and wait for the 6-value dice to move your pieces on the board.

The game has basic principles which are similar to Ludo. To start the game, you need to write down your name and choose your avatar. You can choose 1 of 2 modes in the game including playing with bots and joining online games. Then, choose the number of pieces in the game. You need to take control of your piece and take them to go to the center of the board. Each piece will have a distinctive color. To move, you need to roll the dice. If the dice is 6-value, your piece can leave its home and roll one more time. Then, move your piece based on the number of values on the dice. You and the other players will take turns rolling the dice and moving. You also can be kicked by your enemies if their dice have enough value and their pieces stand near your piece. After moving in all the board, you need to guide your piece to go to the center. It is a small square that has the same color as your dice. Try to take all the pieces to come to the center before other enemies become the winner.

Remarkable things about Angry Ducks

The game mode

This game brings you 2 game modes such as playing with bots and engaging in an online battle. Then, you need to choose the number of players on the board. You can choose between 2 players and 4 players in each mode. If you play with bots, you need to defeat the AI enemies. You can invite your friends or play with other online players in online mode.

Avatars in the game

You can choose to become one of the 76 characters. They are the avatar of famous heroes or people such as Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Wonder Woman, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, vampires, Minion, Pooh, and so on. You can take it freely. Choose your favorite character to boost your luck.