Magic Cat Academy

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Play Magic Cat Academy to catch all the ghosts that are destroying your academy! With a magic wand, you can unleash magical attacks like Harry Potter.

Magical Attack With Your Cat

Your Magic Cat

Magic has always been a magical field for all players. For online games, there are many characters with real magic. For example, you can conquer Cut The Rope: Magic levels with Om Nom, a cute but powerful character with his magic.

It is the same for your cat in this Magic Cat Academy game. The adorable little cat has steady eyes. The little cat always tracks ghosts and attacks them with magical power from a magic wand.

How To Attack In Magic Cat Academy

To use magic, you simply use your mouse to control the wand. When you use your mouse to draw symbols, the magic wand also draws that symbol. Therefore, to attack successfully, it all depends on drawing speed and symbol format.

Speed And Signal Shape In Magic Cat Academy

You cannot randomly draw to kill ghosts. You need to look at the symbols above their heads. These symbols are the ghosts' weaknesses and you can take advantage of them to attack successfully.

After drawing the correct symbol, the ghosts with that symbol will be destroyed at the same time. Of course, Magic Cat Academy players need to draw in order.