One More Dash

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One More Dash is a speed game to control your ball through a series of circles. These circles contain obstacles and dangers to hinder your mission. Can you conquer it the same way you did with Merge Fruits and Tomb Of The Mask?

The Game Of Speed

This One More Dash game will take you to a speed world with many different challenges. When you start matches, every item moves and they can be at high speed. As a result, the players' control abilities will be challenged. All players must firmly steer and control their characters to move safely.

About One More Dash

This new game is also a speed game with the following mission.

One More Dash's Mission

Your task is to control your ball to move through circles and collect white balls. On the circles, there are obstacles. If you crash into these obstacles, the One More Dash game will easily end.

Note For Your Ball

In One More Dash, the ball is the main character and it is vulnerable to collisions. In addition, if you stand still in a circle for too long, your ball can also automatically explode.