Rainbow Obby

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Play Rainbow Obby to explore a colorful gaming world while transforming into an Obby character to jump across platforms and reach new areas! Are you ready to enjoy new adventures with Obby?

Adventures With Obby

In Rainbow Obby, your character will participate in dangerous adventures to explore a colorful gaming world.

Colorful World In Rainbow Obby

Every player is impressed by the colorful online world. The backgrounds are colorful with 7-rainbow colors. These platforms become even more prominent with the sky background. It's like a picture of the sky with an eye-catching rainbow.

This gaming world becomes even more special with the appearance of other players and bots. Your journey will be with these companions to conquer challenges.

Challenges During the Journey

While enjoying the colorful world, players also need to be careful of dangers. The platforms can break or create curves. Players need to be careful when moving through these platforms. Besides, you can also face obstacles. Finally, avoiding falling off platforms is the primary task to protect your character. This mission is similar to how you defend your rocket in Rocket Road.

How to Control Rainbow Obby

To control your character, you simply use the arrow keys or WASD. Your character will move according to those instructions.