Retro Snake

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Control Retro Snake in a retro gaming world! This new snake version will help you reminisce about beautiful entertaining memories from your childhood.

The Retro Gaming World

A new retro world is opened for all players of Retro Snake! The retro comes from the graphic design and gameplay of this online game.

Retro Graphic Design

A snake and dots are the two main objects of this Retro Snake game. It only includes simple characters with basic appearances.

In particular, these two objects are designed with pixel art, so the game becomes even more retro to previous technology times. Online games of this genre are often designed with simplicity in graphics as well as gameplay.

Retro Snake's Gameplay

Coming to this retro game, you will control your snake to eat all the small dots on the map. With these dots, you will receive worthy bonus points.

In addition, remember to avoid colliding with walls and your snake tail in Retro Snake.

This gameplay also appears in Google Snake Game, but Google Snake Game has more modern graphics. Therefore, if you want to experience the most retro game, come to Retro Snake!

3 Retro Snake Modes

This snake game offers 3 modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard to accommodate more players.

All 3 modes use the same control method: using the arrow keys.