Save My Pumpkin

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The mechanics of Save My Pumpkin

Save My Pumpkin offers some challenging levels for the Halloween holiday. Your task is to protect your precious pumpkin from menacing obstacles and bats.

In the game, the objective is quite simple, yet it demands strategic thinking and quick reflexes. As the guardian of a vulnerable pumpkin, your primary mission is to shield it from a variety of threats that loom ominously. Whether it be menacing creatures, treacherous hazards, or other obstacles, especially the bats. They can destroy your pumpkin.

To accomplish this formidable feat, you must employ various tactics and maneuvers. You must draw the line to prevent the obstacle's attack. You must create the shield for the pumpkin before it is destroyed. Employ your wit and foresight to anticipate upcoming challenges and make split-second decisions to protect your beloved gourd.

The game offers an engaging and challenging gameplay experience, where your strategic thinking, reflexes, and dedication are put to the test. Embrace the role of the pumpkin's guardian, navigate through perilous levels, and protect this cherished gourd from all that threatens it. After finishing, you can move to Draw Two Save: Save The Man with the same gameplay.

Some highlights of Save My Pumpkin

Some challenges

The scariest challenge in the game is the bats. After you draw shapes to protect the pumpkin, they will appear. You need to try to protect your pumpkin within 10 seconds. If the bats reach your pumpkin, you will fail.

Besides, you need to pay attention to other obstacles. There are sharp spikes on the platforms. Every collision causes you to stop playing. Find ways to avoid them. Eventually, the lava or water at the bottom can engulf your pumpkin. Do you have any strategy to move to the next level?

Some tactics to overcome

When facing dangerous bats, you can create traps. You can draw shapes that make the bat greet you with lava or water. They will be removed immediately. If you fail many times, don't worry. You can play until you find the best way to solve this problem. Don't forget to use help. They are limited and you need to make good use of them. There are many other difficult levels offered. Do you want to unlock them?