Scary Maze

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Scary Maze challenges all players' hand stability to move through mazes of varying sizes. If you can't, something scary is waiting for you forward!

Test Your Control Skills

In Scary Maze, you will face mazes through levels. These mazes are extremely special because they come in different sizes. The smallest area is only 2 mm wide. With this impressive size, players need to move extremely carefully to conquer Scary Maze. Like Maze Game 3D, the structure of these mazes is also very complex. The stability of your hand will determine whether you win or lose in this online game.

Scary Maze Gameplay

Once you're ready with your hand stability, start progressing towards levels with mazes.

Levels And Mazes

Scary Maze players can experience many different mazes and levels. Each level has its own maze to challenge players.

Players can try to play a level over and over again until they win that level.

What's In Each Level Of Scary Maze

The levels of this challenging game have no time limit. You can move slowly and steadily to ensure your win rate.

In terms of mazes, you can see 2 parts: blue area and red area. Players will start from the blue area to move to the red area. This trip will be successful if you don't touch the walls of Scary Maze.