Solitaire Classic

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Solitaire Classic is a card game with 1 draw or 3 draws corresponding to 52 or 156 cards. These two modes bring maximum challenges to players.

There are many different solitaire versions such as Google Solitaire and Solitaire 2048 but this Solitaire Classic game is always more popular. Let's learn about this classic version together.

2 Basic Modes

This Solitaire Classic game has two modes: 1 Draw and 3 Draw. These two modes differ in the number of cards. In 1 Draw mode, you will challenge your ability to arrange 52 cards. In 3 Draws mode, the game gives you 156 cards to challenge. As a result, 3 Draw mode is much more challenging than 1 Draw mode. If you are playing Solitaire Classic for the first time, you should consider this factor between the two modes.

These two modes will appear on the Solitaire Classic playing screen. You just need to use your mouse to select any mode. After that, the solitaire match officially begins.

Solitaire Matches

Components In A Game

There are many components in Solitaire Classic but you should pay attention to two main elements: the cards and the card rows.

The Solitaire Classic game offers 52 cards in two ways: opened cards and hidden cards. Opened cards can be moved while hidden cards cannot. During the game, you need to open more hidden cards to arrange them.

Rows of cards include both revealed cards and hidden cards. You need to open all the cards in a row and arrange them according to the requirements of the game.

Solitaire Classic Requirements

This card game requires players to arrange cards into suits in order from largest to smallest. The cards need to mix red and black. However, your ultimate goal is to arrange the cards into 4 rows according to 4 suits: diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs in order from smallest to largest. You need to start with the Ace and end with the King.