Stack Colors

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How many stacks can you collect in Stack Colors? Control your character to collect as many stacks of the same color as possible to get high scores.

Like Magic Cat Academy, this online game belongs to the speed genre, and your stack collection process will consist of two phases: collecting and scoring.

Stack-Collection Process

Stack is your main object in Stack Colors and you need to collect as many stacks as possible.

How To Collect In Stack Colors

Your character will hold a cart. When this cart touches stacks of the same color, the stacks will automatically be collected into your cart. Therefore, it is important to note that it is the same color. You just need to make sure the stacks are the same color as your cart to collect.

Notes When Collecting Stacks

When playing Stack Colors, you need to pay attention to the color change of the cart. After moving through the light walls, your cart will change color and it's time to pay attention. You will not receive any points if you collect stacks of different colors.

In addition, your cart can also expand to a larger size. With this feature, you can collect more stacks.

The End Of Stack Colors

After running to the end of the road, you advance to the final stage of this running game. Click repeatedly on the screen to increase kicking power. After that, your character will kick that stack to get more points.