Super Brawl 2

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Super Brawl 2 is the 2nd version of Super Brawl where players can fight as famous heroes. Can you defeat your enemy with your superior fighting skills?

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About Super Brawl 2

This new game is an action and fighting video game based on the popular Nickelodeon animated series. This game is developed and published by Nickelodeon Games. Super Brawl 2 allows players to participate in fighting matches with their favorite characters from many different animated films.

Character Selection

In Super Brawl 2, you can choose from a variety of characters from popular Nickelodeon cartoons such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Danny Phantom, and many more. Each character has its own special moves and skills.

Super Brawl 2 Mode

The game offers various game modes, including Story mode, Arcade mode, and Challenge mode. In Story mode, you will embark on a unique adventure, explore the story, and confront villains. Arcade mode allows you to engage in quick and continuous matches to test your fighting skills. Challenge mode is where you can challenge your friends or the computer in intense matches.

How To Control Hero

  • Up Arrow - Jump
  • Right and Left Arrow - Move forward and backward
  • Down Arrow - Defense
  • Z - kick
  • X - Punch
  • Right + Right + X - Special Attack