Super Mario 64

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Super Mario 64 is a famous online adventure game based on the character Mario. In this 64 version, you will find the princess to get the cakes in the castle.

About Super Mario 64

Let's learn about the missions and controls in this 64 version together.

Your Mission in Super Mario 64

In this 64 version, players continue to transform into Mario and carry out their missions. Your mission is to find the princess and receive delicious cakes. The princess left an appointment with Mario at the castle. Do this mission with Mario and meet the princess!

This mission can be affected by many factors, especially challenges. To do this mission, you need to know how to control Mario.

How to Control Mario in Version 64

To control Mario in the castle, you need to grasp the following basic control keys.

  • Use an Enter key to choose.
  • Use a Z key to jump.
  • Use an X key to attack.
  • Use TFGH keys to guide Mario to move around.

These controls are different from regular online games. However, they are reasonable for a retro game. Get familiar with these controls and you will quickly master controlling your Mario character.

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