Tank Shooting

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Tank Shooting is a 2-player action game with free point selection and 2 available tanks. Control your tank in a closed arena and shoot down your opponents.

Set Points for Tank Matches

Welcome to the Tank Shooting game where intense battles between two tanks take place! Tank battles also regularly take place in Tank Maze Battle.

Before entering a Tank Shooting match, players can set points for a match. You can click to increase or decrease the score from 1 to 99 on the main screen. After entering a match, the player who reaches that number of points first will win.

With this diversity of points, players can proactively create ideal tank battles for themselves and their teammates.

Enter Official Tank Shooting Battles

The official matches of this action game will take place with two main factors: gameplay and controls.

Tank Shooting Gameplay

Each match will consist of two players and each player will control a tank. Each tank has two main skills: movement and shooting. You can move to collect items and avoid enemy attacks. If you want to eliminate enemies, the ability to shoot is extremely important.

The bullets in this Tank Shooting game are very special because they can return after colliding with obstacles.

How To Control Your Tank

There are two tanks: red and blue. These two tanks in Tank Shooting both have different controls.

  • The red tank uses arrow keys to move and the K key to shoot.
  • The blue tank uses WASD to move and the G key to shoot.