Team Kaboom

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Team Kaboom is an online fighting game for the strongest warriors. Raise the gun in your hand and destroy all the coming enemies towards you.

Team Kaboom Gameplay

Let's advance your fighting style in this action game!

How to Fight In Team Kaboom

Like War of Sticks, you will immerse into a battle as a warrior and fight with many opponents. You can shoot continuously with unlimited bullets. With this condition, you will enter a battle with an infinite number of opponents.

Take control of your character in Team Kaboom and shoot down all the enemies. Don't let the characters touch you because your character will be destroyed with a single collision. However, this Team Kaboom game gives you 3 chances to revive.

This fighting game will go on until you use all 3 of these opportunities.

Control Way: Use the arrow key to move, the X key to jump, and the C key to shoot.

Your Score In This Fighting Game

Your score will be based on survival time and kills. After that, the game will calculate your total score. After each match, you can follow the summary table with your high score in Team Kaboom.

The scoring of this action game is simple but it is challenging to achieve high scores.

Shooting Challenges For Score

To score points, you need to shoot down opponents but these enemies are not simple. In Team Kaboom, there are many types of enemies and you need to shoot multiple times to kill one. That's why many players don't have time to destroy a coming enemy.

In addition, the number of enemies is also a challenge for Team Kaboom players. Enemies will appear continuously and you can be destroyed if you do not kill them in time.