Tunnel Rush

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Tunnel Rush offers extremely fast-paced racing for challenge enthusiasts. Running through colorful tunnels and avoiding moving obstacles aren't easy challenges.

Tunnel Rush Introduction

This new game is an outstanding game with perspective, tunnels, stages, and obstacles. Let's learn briefly about this tunnel game.

Player's Online Perspective

Welcome to this speed game with a first-person perspective! There are many speed games like Rainbow Obby and Geometry Dash SubZero but they are all in third-person perspective. With the first-person perspective in Tunnel Rush, players can enjoy thrilling races.

Stages Of Tunnel Rush

A little-known fact about this running game is the stage. This Tunnel Rush game also includes stages with different tunnels.

You can differentiate stages through tunnels. When you complete a stage, the tunnel will change. However, it is not a change in color but a change in structure. You can run inside the octagonal tunnels or run outside the spherical tunnels.

Running Way In Tunnel

It is easy to run in Tunnel Rush because the players only need to use the left and right arrow keys. With these two control keys, you can move around the tunnel to avoid obstacles. As long as there are no collisions, you can run endlessly in Tunnel Rush.