Zombo Buster Advance

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Your squads play a great role to against zombies in Zombo Buster Advance. Let's prevent this dangerous creature from moving to your city thanks to soldiers.

Objective Of Zombo Buster Advance

Coming to this fighting game, your mission is to protect the door from dangerous zombies. These zombies will move along the tunnel and approach the door that connects to the city. Protect this door at all costs to win the stages of Zombo Buster Advance.

During combat, you need to pay attention to the energy generator because you need energy to add more soldiers. These soldiers can fight and kill zombies with different abilities.

Finally, don't forget to place the soldiers in the elevator to start fighting. To move, move the elevator instead of the soldiers.

Online Department Store

In Zombo Buster Advance, players can visit the online Department Store to access 4 featured items: Squad, Badges, Resources, and Missions.

Squad And Badges Of Zombo Buster Advance

In the Squad Equip section, you can upgrade your soldiers by equipping them with badges. You can collect badges after successful matches and upgrade your combat ability, fire rate, earned profit, and required energy source.

Badges is the second section where you can create high-level badges. High-level badges can upgrade your soldiers faster. Especially, if you combine different badges, you can create special badges.

Fighting Resources And Missions

Another reward of Zombo Buster Advance is medals. After receiving medals, players can visit Resources and use medals to upgrade resources.

Finally, Missions is an important section where you can receive awards based on your achievements.

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