Uno Online

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Uno Online is an online card game based on colors and numbers. In addition, special cards also bring interesting card battles with unexpected situations.

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The goal of Uno Online

The goal of the Uno game is to run out of cards before anyone else among the players and this online uno game is similar. All players want to remove all their cards first to win the matches. The competition will take place between 4 players. In addition, you can choose to play in AI or Multiplayer mode.

Details Of UNO

Uno Online General Rules

Each player will be dealt 7 cards and the player must place a card of the same color or number at the top of the deck. If there is no suitable card, the player must draw a card from the undealt deck until the card can be placed. The game proceeds clockwise until there is a player who removes all the cards.

UNO Special Cards

  • Skip card: When placing the "Skip" card, the next player will skip their turn.
  • Reverse card: When placing the "Reverse" card, the direction of play will be reversed. For example: If the previous card was played clockwise, then the "Reverse" card will be played counterclockwise.
  • Draw Two card: When placing the "Draw Two" card, the next player will have to draw 2 cards from the undealt deck and forfeit their turn.
  • Wild Card: The "Wild" card can be placed at any time and allows the player to choose the next color. The player must say the new color and the next players must place a card of that color or a different "Wild" card.