Monsters Blocky Challenge

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About Monsters Blocky Challenge

The game rules

There are a lot of exciting levels in Monsters Blocky Challenge with difficult targets. You need to collapse blocks to complete your mission.

Welcome to an exciting game with the atmosphere of Halloween. You will see a lot of monster blocks in the grid. You need to block them to complete your mission. You need to remove blocks that are similar and are next to each other. There must be at least two identical blocks next to each other to collapse.

In addition, the game has 20 different challenges divided into each level. You need to complete those goals to be able to level up. The difficulty of the level will gradually increase. You will have to remove more blocks or complete removing groups of blocks with at least 4 identical blocks.

How to match monster blocks

You need to observe areas with many similar monster blocks. Click on any block in the area to make it collapse. New blocks will appear and you can continue to complete the target.

Some exciting things in the Monsters Blocky Challenge

As you know, each level will have different challenges and goals. In addition, the game also limits your turns. You must match the required blocks before running out of turns. If you don't have a smart strategy, you will be stuck and unable to move to the following levels.

If you need help, you can click the hint button. It will help you find the best area to collapse monster blocks. Why don't you play it now?

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